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Yatuhashi in Mikawa is famous for its beautiful irises(Kakitubata). A wandering priest arrives when the flowers are in full bloom. He meets a village girl who recites the poem whitch is an anagram on the name Kakitubata, and was written by Narihira, the Heian period poet-aristocrat.
The girl invites the priest to spend the night at her hut. Later she appeares before him wearing Narihira's hat and cloak. She revearls that she is the sprit of the iris, and dances in gratitude to Narihira for immortalizing the iris in his beautiful poem. (**)

All these pictures are made by cutting figures out from Japanese Paper (Washi) with a blade.

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English Explanation Referance :

(**) "NOH" by D.Maruoka & T.Yoshikoshi (Translated by Don Kenny) /1980. Hoikusya, Japan

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