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Okina is an ancient religious ceremony, originally performed by priests and later taken over by Noh and Kyougen actors. It is performed as the opening number on special Noh programs. The actors praticipating in a performance of Okina, including the members of the chorus and orchestra, and the stage assistants, wear special formal costumes.
Okina is made upof three dances - Senzai, Okina, and Sanbasoh. after the Senzai dance, the shite(the principal actor) put on the white mask called haku-shiki-joh on stage just before he dances the Okina role. there is no other play in the Noh repertoire in which a mask is put in place after the actor has appeared on the stage. After the shite finishes his dance, he removes the mask, salutes it, returns it to its box, and leaves the stage.(**)

All these pictures are made by cutting figures out from Japanese Paper (Washi) with a blade.

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English Explanation Referance :

(**) "NOH" by D.Maruoka & T.Yoshikoshi (Translated by Don Kenny) /1980. Hoikusya, Japan

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