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the scene is an ancient dwelling called Shigure-no-Chin where the poet-aristocrat Fujiwara Teika lived many years ago.
a woman guides a wandering priest to a grave in the is the grave of Princess Shokyushi who died after a very short love affair with Teika.Teika had been so in love with Princess Shokushi that his spirit became a creeper-vine after his death, and twined himself firmly around the princess'tonbstone. The woman reveals thet she is the sprit of Princess Shokushi, and disappears into the tomb.The priest recites prayers of invocation, and the emaciated figure of the princess appears.Teika's love, in the form of the vine, allows her soul no rest.(**)

All these pictures are made by cutting figures out from Japanese Paper (Washi) with a blade.

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English Explanation Referance :

(**) "NOH" by D.Maruoka & T.Yoshikoshi (Translated by Don Kenny) /1980. Hoikusya, Japan

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