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A blined youth named Yoroboshi begs on the stairs of Shitennoh Temple.He spreads his sleeves to recive alms, but catches falling plum blossoms instead. Though he cannot see, he can smell their beauty. He realizes that if the eyes of the soul are open, one can live in spritual happiness. He dances for joy at his new found knowkedge.
His father who had disowned him is present. He is moved by the boy's faith, and leads him back home. (**)

All these pictures are made by cutting figures out from Japanese Paper (Washi) with a blade.

Librairie Seizan of KYOTO  Established 1996

English Explanation Referance :

(**) "NOH" by D.Maruoka & T.Yoshikoshi (Translated by Don Kenny) /1980. Hoikusya, Japan

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