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Bon Festival

Bon Festival

The Buddhist All souls'Days (August 13-16)

The time when Buddhist rites are held for consoling the souls of ancestors, rites belived to have been observed since the seventh century. The souls of ancestors are invited to their homes on the evening of the 13th and escorted back to the other world on the evening of the 15th or the morning of the 16th. though rituals vary according to the district.During this period, a priest is called to hold a Buddhist service, offerings of food and flowers are prepared for the altar, and graves are visted. It is also a time for family reunions for the living members of this world. On this occasion, people working away from home return to their hometowns. (*)

This picture shows us scene of "Jizo-Bon". It is a particular events of Kyoto. Jizo-Bon is a festival for children and praying their good health. (M.K.)

('Manji' or 'Swastika' () is a holy symbol of Buddism)

All these pictures are made by cutting figures out from Japanese Paper (Washi) with a blade.

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English Explanation Referance :

(*) "Dictionary of Japanese Culture" by K.Setsuko & G.A.Crane /1991. Heian, Japan

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