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  In Israel, a Hebrew version of "Izutsu" has printed. Translated by Ph.D Ariel Simkin and Dr. Kinneret Noy.

Front cover picture by Shoto Kimura.

‘‰e : Front Cover

From Editor
New !! Jul.20.,2003   New iteimes added to the "Niheishi Seramic Art Works"
      (from Mr.Takahashi Private Collection.)
  Feb.1, 2003   Trancelated the "Comic works" page into English.


    This Web site has made a change in address since Oct. 1, 2002.


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  Sept.19,2002   Table 2 "Memories of Shouwa era - Kyoto and Child age"
      added to the English version.
  Aug.29,2002   Created a English site
      (It is not perfect, some parts are in preparation.
      please wait more few weeks!!)
      Please sign my English guest book with your voice!!


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