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    In china, There is an art among people called "Senshi". "Senshi" tecnique is one way making patterns or pictures by cutting figures out from paper with sharp blade. Its works is very graceful and delicate and it has a long history. In China, wherever you go, espacially vast farm villages, you can find various "Senshi" works. Since the establishment of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution, "Senshi" became popular and has making a progress as one part of Chinese Art. 

Shoto Kimura (1930-1996) studied Chinese "Senshi" tecnique and is pursuing to open a field for "Senshi" Art as one way to express unique Japanese Art. 

All these pictures are made by cutting figures out from Japanese Paper (Washi) with a blade.

Table 1 Noh drama and Japanese Clasical Culture
Table 2 Memories of Shouwa era - Kyoto and Child age 
Profile Biography of Shoto(Shouichi) Kimura
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