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Shoto Kimura 1990


Shoto Kimura (real name is Shouichi) was born in Gojo-zaka, Kyoto in 1930. Gojo- zaka is a town where meny famous ceramic and porcelen artists had lived. His father Kazuo was a ceramist whoes name's Seizan VII (another pseudonym is Niheishi).

He went to Art University of Kyoto skip a year. But an era was in disoder after world war II. When he was an Art colledge student, to support his family, began to draw illustration and figure for some magazins and news papers.

His first success was illustration and comic.

But real an aim in his life was establishment own Art. After various attempt, he discovered own arts - it was "SENSHI".

He looked for subject in Japanes classical culture. Noh, Kyogen, Bunraku and Kabuki.

His later works looked like his corpus. He found out new subject in his inner memories of a child age. It was a nostalgic old and good era, despite darkness pre-world war II.
He worked his gut out. Delicate line was drew by a pen, and paper cut outing with amazing skills.

His posthumous works are touching many people's hearts still now. - Shouichi died in his home town Kyoto in 1996.

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